Kape Technologies plc

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The rebranding to Kape Technologies (formerly Crossrider plc) as the umbrella for the Group’s products and services follows the significant changes made to the focus of the business to be a provider of cybersecurity solutions to consumers. That refocusing and the move towards a SaaS model are key developments as the Group seeks to grow via both organic and acquisitive means.


Kape Technologies (formerly Crossrider plc) is a cybersecurity company focused on helping consumers around the world have a better digital experience with greater protection. In order to do this, Kape develops and distributes a variety of software products in the online security space, utilising its proprietary digital distribution technology to optimise its customer reach and create a superb user experience. The Company offers products which provide online security, privacy and optimal online experience. Kape has four main products; CyberGhost, Reimage PC, Driver Agent and Reimage for Mac.


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