Instem plc

Our view

The group came to market in 2010 with a compelling story based on dominance of a niche market, good recurring revenues and strong cash generation.  Instem, along with many other pharma services companies, has weathered an unforeseen market slowdown, which now appears to be abating.  There is clear potential for consolidation in the marketplace and Instem has exposure to attractive elements of SaaS delivery and “Big Data” in the pharma markets.


Instem sells software products to a variety of customer types involved in the early drug development segment of the healthcare market, and to other life sciences R&D organizations.


2013 A
2014 A
2015 A 16.31.712.90.0
2016 A
2017 E
2018 E 25.72.611.50.0
2019 E 27.13.314.70.0