Our Approach

At Progressive, we believe that market dynamics are depriving many companies of high quality, consistent research. Pressures on stockbroking businesses have led to reductions in analyst teams, leaving even high-quality and interesting companies overlooked and under-researched. We aim to redress this balance, by allowing companies to access a team of highly experienced and well-regarded analysts, all of whom have enjoyed successful careers in mainstream investment banks.

Our company research includes market analysis, competitor evaluation and the risks and challenges faced by the companies we cover ā€“ we will not shy away from the difficult questions, and our research will always strive to be timely, insightful and balanced.

Our Latest Research

Greatland Gold: Agreement with Newmont on Ernest Giles

Greatland Gold plc | 22/05/2017

An agreement with Newmont Exploration, a subsidiary of NYSE listed Newmont Mining Corporation ā€“ one of the world's largest gold producers - provides a significant endorsement of Greatland Goldā€™s exploration strategy and underlines the potential…

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